Art2Muse Gallery Clients Testimonials

Morning Kate.
We just received “Walk with Me” from Art2Muse.
It really is magnificent. So much better in person and large. Photo didn’t do it justice.
So we finally got our second piece.
Thank you for your amazing art.
Carol Colwell

Hi Kate,
A lovely client has bought Through the Looking Glass and she is also buying Night Spirit. She wanted me to tell you she is thrilled with Through the Looking Glass and has hung it where she can see it every day

Dear Kate The client in the USA who received your commission wrote:
"We received the painting and it is breathtaking!!! It looks so surreal!  I am so in love and am incredibly happy we purchased this piece. Thank you so much for your help!"

The client who bought The Seagull's Journey has been a client for over ten years wrote:
"We had the grand unveiling last night and my son (who is visiting) and I absolutely love 'her'.  I can't wait to get home from work to see her again!"

Seaview Gallery Client
Hi Kate, I have visited Seaview Gallery in Queenscliff for many years, purely to catch any of your paintings they may have at the time.  I have loved looking at them, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever own one.  Last week I turned 60, and my husband and 2 daughters surprised me with one of your beautiful pastels.  After the tears, I have hung it on a wall in my dining room, so I can see it from lots of places in my house.  I absolutely love love love it!!!!  I know it will bring me much pleasure. Julie Novski

Hi Kate
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I adore your work "Butterflies"It's the first thing that I see & admire every time that I walk into the room & unbelievably love it more
Diana Algie

Good Morning Kate 
When I entered the Salamanca gallery on my own whilst out for a stroll, I was instantly drawn to your works, not that your works are over priced, but I have never considered buying expensive artwork before.But the next day when I was back strolling through Salamanca, this time with my wife and 18 year old son, we went in for a look around, and to my surprise without any suggestions from me, they both loved your work as much as I did! It was delivered yesterday, and looks sensational in my cigar room! We could not be delighted to have such a stunning piece in our home.
Thank you so much!

 Hello Kate
We have your kick arse amazing art hanging around our place and everyone always has something positive to say about each piece. ‘Flirting with Chopin’ is breathtaking

Dear Kate,
Can I tell you a secret, You're painting give me a lot of emotion. The thrill was there when I saw your work for the first time at the gallery, the second just before leaving Tasmania, the third time when my husband told me that he ordered it and even more this morning when I open the boxe with tears in my back eyes. When I saw that your wrote me a card, I was crying of happiness. It is gorgeous to contemplate this piece at home. Thank you for your work, and this is not a secret. It will always keep me happy ???? !
Best regards from Switzerland,